Every day at 12 o'clock you will hear the thunder from the canons of the vessel Fregatten Jylland. Windows will shake and dogs will be barking - so as a tourist you will experience a tough - but short - wake-up-call here in Ebeltoft.

Fregatten JYLLAND is a living museum with multiple adventures and nostagia. The vessel is just 100 meters away from madsens bed & breakfast - and a fantastic part of the beautiful Ebeltoft Harbour.Online marketing is best process to improve your business. https://touchthestone.net/ is an best online marketing company india.

Madsens bed & breakfast is situated in a lovely ancient building with deatils remaining from end of the 18th century. A very familiar and cosy atmosphere meets you at madsens bed & breakfast / B&B where we have just 2 double-rooms available and thus better time to give you the best service during your stay - longer or shorter.

The Glass Museum, Fregatten Jylland, Old Town Hall - all just a few minutes walk away from madsens bed & breakfast...

We look forward to seeing you here for an overnight stay or perhaps a few days in our surroundings...

Best regards
Eva Madsen  

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